The number of people who bet on sports is at its highest in 2022. At the beginning of the summer, we were able to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022, which is the biggest football tournament in the world.

But we’ve been having fun with things other than football. Bettors have also shown interest in boxing and other combat sports, basketball and tennis games, and e-sports, according to bookmakers. E-sports have even become more interesting to them.

As you can see, there was a lot going on with online betting last year. But did we pick up on the new trends? If you haven’t, read on.

E-Sports Are Growing In Popularity


As you can see, 2022 was a very good year for e-sports. Game developers hold tournaments with bigger prize pools than ever before, which encourages players to join. Also, many new video games use social media a lot, which has led to a large group of e-Sports fans all over the world.

Also, the e-Sports market has grown a lot in 2022, thanks in part to investments and the introduction of new technology. e-Sports are popular, though, and not just among gamers. Some of the best bookmakers now have a whole section for e-Sports betting, and more and more gamblers like to bet on competitive video games.

Among e-Sports events, people come to watch Fortnite competitions the most. Also, thanks to fully responsive websites, people can now bet on their favorite eSports teams.

You Can Bet Live

In the last few years, live betting has become the most popular way to bet. Even though broadcasting and streaming rights are still only given to a small number of networks, more and more bookmakers are making deals that allow them to stream live games and offer live betting.

The most exciting thing about live betting is, of course, that you can bet while a game is going on. Also, more and more bookmakers are putting out useful statistics that can be used to make live bets. The growth of the live betting market has also given players more betting options.

If you visit 22 Bet, you will find a live betting option. 



Smartwatches are becoming very popular, whether you use them to play games, drool, or track your fitness. They are also getting more  powerful. So, it’s not surprising that this new kind of technology is becoming popular in the gaming business.

The benefits for gamblers are clear. Unlike a smartphone, a smartwatch is always on the person’s wrist, making it more likely that they will play games without planning to (like while standing in line).

Technology to Bet on Players Health

Lastly, we’d like to talk about sports technology, which gives us access to a wider range of sports betting options. Experts say that some sports now use technology to keep track of how healthy the players are during games. Soon, we might be able to bet on things like a player’s BPM, the total distance they run in a race, etc. It’s not clear if all sports will use this technology or not.


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