Winning money in sports betting always requires a bit of luck. However, if you pay attention to basic things, you may noticeably increase the probability and reduce losses. And wins at the 2022 World Cup.

there is no guarantee of a win in sports betting. An unexpected event can upset even the most certain forecast. If you want to win at sports betting, you always need luck. However, there are a number of measures that can significantly reduce the stupid factor. You will find many tips in this article. Further information on the subject of sports betting and increased odds is also available from COMPUTER BILD. You will find current tips and results for the next World Cup games, the best sports betting offers for the World Cup 2022 including betting bonuses. For an extensive and detailed “betting bonus comparison” it is best to visit our sports betting portal. Are you interested in the question “Who will be world champion 2022?”? Does the DFB team have a chance? Or do you actually need a new TV for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar at the last minute? Also read the article about safety of sports betting.

The best tricks for winning sports betting

If you pay attention to a few things when placing sports bets, you increase your chances of making a profit. This guide is aimed at players who are not interested in the one “lucky shot”, i.e. who want to win big with a very high stake. The focus is rather on players who regularly place sports bets and want to constantly increase their account balance.

Sports betting trick 1: Clever registration

Before registering with a sports betting portal, you should take a close look at the details: Is there a betting bonus – and if so, what are the modalities of a payout (see trick 2)? It is often advisable to register with several portals. This opens up the possibility of comparing betting odds and placing bets where it is most lucrative.

Sports betting trick 2: Note the bonus

Betting providers such as bwin, tipico or BildBet lure new customers with a betting bonus. The providers double the first deposit. That sounds tempting, but the distribution of winnings that gamblers earn with the bonus is often subject to conditions. Before the payout, you have to implement the bet several times at a certain minimum quota – this is risky and sometimes takes a long time. That’s why the same applies here as to trick 1: compare offers before registering!

Sports betting trick 3: Prepare well

Prepare well

Even if the providers always advertise it: Successful sports betting is not a matter of instinct, but is usually based on good preparation. Only those who know the strengths and weaknesses of the teams or players involved, who can assess the current form and who knows which top performers may not be available can make valid predictions. And they are the basis for profits in sports betting. Therefore, read the articles on sports betting at COMPUTER BILD.

Sports betting trick 4: Avoid multiple bets

Betting professionals usually only play single bets. The background is simple: The risk of ruining the entire betting slip with a combination bet with an incorrect prediction is too great. Sure: With combination bets, you multiply the individual odds, this way you can quickly achieve astronomically high overall odds. But: If one of the individual bets placed does not work out, the partial bets won are worthless. Play five singles rather than a fivefold.

Sports betting trick 5: Pay attention to the cash out

You don’t have to win every bet to make money from sports betting. Most betting providers now offer the cash-out function. This means that sports betting can be ended before the final whistle or the end of the game. Although the amount paid out is lower than after the regular end of a game or tournament, you can secure any sports betting profits you have already made by cashing them out. Pulling the feature is especially useful when the win is in jeopardy.

Sports betting trick 6: use live betting

Even if the State Treaty on Gambling has somewhat restricted the offer, live betting can be a lucrative variant of sports betting. Those who are well prepared and, very importantly, have the opportunity to follow a game live or in the stream may have advantages over betting providers with a little experience. In a football game, for example, the turning point is often indicated minutes before the decisive goal is scored. If you can “read” the games and recognize the right time, you can use good odds in live betting.

Sports betting trick 7: become a niche expert

become a niche expert

Every sports betting portal offers football bets, of course. In the meantime, however, supposedly “smaller” sports such as the second Bundesliga in handball or volleyball are also part of the offer. In football, some of the betting offers go as far as the semi-professional area of the regional and premier leagues. If you know your way around here very well, you have a clear advantage over the betting portals. Their calculations depend on the best possible data situation – which is logically broader in Champions League games than, for example, in handball in the second division.

Sports betting trick 8: Bet early

Betting odds are subject to fluctuations. There are sometimes weeks or months between the time the sports bet is published and the actual event. If you look ahead and bet on the day after next instead of the next, you may benefit from better odds. The same applies here: there is no guarantee that the odds will actually be better sooner than later.

Sports betting trick 9: Keep your nerves

Every player has a streak of bad luck, that’s part of the nature of sports betting. Keep your cool and don’t try to make up for the losses with even higher stakes with possibly poorer preparation (see also sports betting trick 10). These projects are usually doomed to failure. Sometimes even a missed bet feels like a winning bet.

Sports betting trick 10: budget sensibly

The so-called bankroll management is one of the most important prerequisites for lasting success in sports betting. Bet 2 to 3 per bet, maximum 5 percent of your bankroll. While this may mean marginal gains initially, it protects them from bankruptcy in the long run. The main difference between professional players and beginners is that they behave more defensively with their bets.


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